What You Need to Know About a Compressor bypass Pulley

There are two basic kinds of bypass pulley. One of them is the backless type, and the other one is the raised-up kind. This is a type of bypass pulley that has raised parts to allow air to enter the pulley as well as escape. However, when there is a leak in a garage floor, such kind of bypass pulley is useless. When this type of bypass pulley is used, then you can be sure that the pressure will rise, and the result will be that your garage floor will not be stable.

In the case of a basement oil heater, the garage floor might start leaking. Therefore, the floor should be looked for. If the pump is functioning properly, then it will be safe for you to use. Sometimes, you have to remove the bypass pulley from the compressor and clean it with water and soap. This will remove the dirt and grease. After this, you can lubricate the pump’s bearing. Then, you have to re-install the bypass pulley in the pump and the compressor, and if necessary, you can change the belts and other parts of the compressor.

Since the bypass pulley in the compressor cannot run properly without an electric drill, you can use a drill to loosen the spring. However, the bypass pulley does not work properly after you replace the spring. Then, you have to remove the pressure plate that is located inside the motor and reinstall it.

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