What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You About Furnace Blowing ColdAir

furnace blowing cold air

There are a lot of possible causes for a furnace blowing cold air, therefore it’s challenging to provide you advice without more details. In case the furnace doesn’t restart, a technician will want to get called. If you’ve got an old furnace or boiler, you might have a pilot light.

When you initially turn your furnace on, it is going to take a couple of seconds for the heat to acquire through the vents, and that means you might feel cool air in the first couple of minutes. On occasion the furnace just needs a tiny tweak, and at times you’ve got to involve the utility company, and unfortunately sometimes you must call on a technician to appear and look at it. Often times in case you have a gas furnace then you’ll also have a gas stove and oven, so start there.

What About Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Check the whole length of your ductwork while your furnace is operating. It is running everything seems fine, but then you begin to notice that the air is not warm at all, in fact, it is downright cold. If you own a gas furnace, a deficiency of fuel will create the pilot light to go out.

Most Noticeable Furnace Blowing Cold Air

Continue reading for the 13 most frequent reasons your furnace could possibly be blowing cold. If it is only blowing cold air, the pilot light may not be lit. Modern furnaces are computer controlled, and just like your house computer, if there’s a glitch in the system, a fast reset can fix the issue.

Here’s What I Know About Furnace Blowing Cold Air

As a security precaution, your furnace is wired to shut itself off if it’s starting to overheat, due to a security device known as the limit switch. If it is the wrong size then you will need to get a new furnace. Modern furnaces are made to blow air for a certain quantity of time that’s customized for your home size. They are complex pieces of machinery that have changed a lot over the years, and there are several reasons for a furnace that won’t shut off.

Characteristics of Furnace Blowing Cold Air

If your thermostat is suitably wired, then your thermostat could just be broken. It might seem silly, but first you should be certain that your thermostat is set to heat. In case the thermostat is during its correct setting, there could be an issue with its wiring. If you’ve had the thermostat for some time, the battery may be low.

Choosing Furnace Blowing Cold Air

In the event the air feels cold, you are having issues! After a few moments, it should be warm. The cool air isn’t necessarily an indication that you have to change out your furnace. Another possible cause for the cold air might not even be brought on by your furnace despite what you may think.

Using Furnace Blowing Cold Air

In case the pilot light persists in heading out despite your very best efforts, it is advised that you get in touch with a professional for support. If it won’t light at all, you may have a faulty gas valve. Problem The pilot light isn’t lit.

The Furnace Blowing Cold Air Cover Up

To find out more on why it is necessary to modify your filters regularly, have a look at air conditioning filter change. A dirty air filter can at times make the furnace to overheat. If you get a washable air filter (that I wouldn’t recommend), then guarantee that you wash it at least one time a month.

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