What Is Condenser Paper?

condenser paper

What Is Condenser Paper?

Condenser paper is a kind of thin sheet of paper that is used to flatten the creases in a garment so that it can be easily pressed by machine. Most garments these days are made with the help of machines, so the stiff fibers of the garment do not flatten properly. Some may also flatten without pressing, as the fabric is elastic and can stretch as well as contract when pressed. This may result in creases being cut into the clothes, which can make them look uneven and less appealing. And, of course, any other unsightly side effect.

To solve this problem, manufacturers often opt for the use of condenser paper to flatten the creases in a garment. This paper helps to set up a permanent structure on the garment, in order to prevent creases from forming on the garment. The paper sets up on the fabric and then is pressed into place to form a continuous structure over the garment. This sets up a new framework that flattens perfectly on the garment, and the creases are hardly noticeable once they have been flattened. This paper, of course, comes in many different sizes to suit a variety of needs.

When using paper to flatten a garment, there are some important tips that need to be kept in mind. First of all, paper should only be used on the top surface of the garment, if possible. The paper must be pressed against the fabric and set up on top of the garment, and it must be set in place to form a continuous and smooth surface. The paper must be allowed to set in place for a while before any pressure is applied, or the structure will not set up correctly. In fact, even lightly dampened cloths or paper towels need to be used to soften the fabric slightly so that the paper can set up properly.

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