What Every Body Is Saying About Furnace Not Staying Lit Is Dead Wrong and Why

The New Fuss About Furnace Not Staying Lit

Each furnace demands a certain quantity of combustion air to permit the flames to breathe properly. In case it becomes blocked or gets dirty, it is going to get the furnace to never stay lit. It’s fairly straightforward to diagnose and fix residential furnaces, but precautions are essential.

All About Furnace Not Staying Lit

Furnaces work dependent on the principle of combustion, and which requires a constant supply of flame. The furnace has a control set to switch off the burners as soon as the heat exchanger reaches a specific temperature. Newer furnaces don’t have any standing pilot.

The Hidden Truth About Furnace Not Staying Lit

If this is the case, it doesn’t face the pilot light. After the debris has been eliminated, the pilot light should remain lit by itself. If your furnace’s pilot light isn’t staying lit, it might be caused by a terrible thermocouple.

How to Choose Furnace Not Staying Lit

If your pilot light won’t stay lit, there’s a great probability you have a terrible thermocouple. The pilot light is a little, constantly burning flame at the base of your furnace that’s utilized to light the key burners and turn the furnace on. Naturally, an unreliable pilot light is something you should worry about and fix after you notice it. For optimum results, clean out the pilot light every couple of months to stop it from becoming clogged.

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