What Are Compressor Socks?

Compressor socks are special hosiery specifically designed to assist in the prevention and reduction of and lessen the occurrence of, various venous diseases such as venous insufficiency, edema, hemorrhoids, thrombosed veins and edema. They are also used in the treatment of conditions such as varicose veins, varicose ulcers, varicose veins and spider veins. Compressor socks are primarily comprised of special nylon or lycra-based material, which is breathable and allows for easy air circulation, and to reduce friction between the skin and the compression garment. Compression socks provide a much-needed break from sitting for those who have difficulty walking, have chronic back pain, neck and joint problems, or other ailments that limit their mobility.

compressor socks

There are three main categories of compression socks available. One category includes compression stockings that are intended to be worn underneath clothing. These socks are made up of compression stockings, which are thin compression garments usually worn underneath clothing, which compresses the leg. Another category is compression stockings that are meant to be worn above the clothing. This type of compression sock has a different design than the other types. A third category is compression socks, which are specially designed for athletes and other active people. In these types, the compression socks are specifically designed to absorb the shock and strain of physical activity.

Compression socks may also be referred to as compression stockings or compression pants. Some other names may be known by, but not necessarily used interchangeably with, compression stockings. Compressor socks are worn on the outside of one’s legs, below the knees, or at the groin. Compression socks provide compression support to the leg muscles, tendons, ligaments and surrounding skin, increasing blood flow, and allowing muscles to become more pliable, elastic and less rigid. In short, compression socks allow for the natural process of lengthening and strengthening muscles through the body and reducing muscle spasms and stiffness. The use of compression socks can be beneficial to the general well-being of a person but should not be taken lightly; overuse may result in a person experiencing adverse side effects, including numbness, skin irritation, redness, blisters and/or skin irritations.

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