Water Heater and Condenser Setup – How Much Does It Cost?

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Water Heater and Condenser Setup – How Much Does It Cost?

Many people wonder how much electricity it would cost to run a house with a water heater and condenser setup. Let’s assume you have a large house with a furnace that you are trying to heat up water in. For this example you would need to have at least two boilers and separate water heaters for the boiler house and for the room where the furnace is located. The high cost of gas means the water heater would be one of the biggest expenses. Of course the size of the water heater is not really critical but if you have a large water heater and the smaller one only heats up half the house or less, it can add up quickly.

For example, it might not cost nearly as much to buy a new water heater than to add another boilers. There are certain places where you might find the high costs for a water heater. They could be in a large home and run hot water for several rooms on different nights during the year. Or they could be in a large apartment building and have to pay the price of the water heater in addition to the cost of the water heater itself. In either case the high cost of water heaters can add up over time. The same thing applies to condensers.

Condenser setup is essential if you want your house to stay warm. The low cost of electricity can make it necessary for the water heater and condenser setup to be on the same building block so you don’t end up paying more to heat the same amount of water than someone who is living in a different building. The amount of money you need to spend will vary depending on the size of your house and the location of the water heater and condenser. You will also need to consider the climate.

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