Using a Furnace Diagram to Understand Your Furnace

A furnace diagram is a fantastic way to have an easy and quick overview of your furnace and its settings. However, you have to take the time to look at your gas furnace before deciding to purchase it and install it yourself. We will go over a quick review of some of the most popular furnace diagrams out there to help you make a good decision.

furnace diagram

The first diagram is the firebox diagram. This is used to show the thermostat settings in relation to the furnace. It is important to note that you can have any setting on the thermostat, regardless of what is listed as a “high”low”. In addition, the set up is going to be different for each of the four primary controls (on/off, heat-up, warm-down, and idle). Therefore, this diagram will show you which thermostat is going to control the heat and which thermostat is going to control the cool.

The next diagram is the interior weather strip diagram. This is another very simple diagram that shows you the actual location of the temperature control knobs and how they are connected. You can see in this diagram that there are three different thermostats. The first is the main thermostat, the second is the secondary thermostat, and the third is the main thermostat’s filter cap. A very simple and straightforward diagram that are easy to understand and you should have no trouble understanding it.

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