Tips to Clean Condensing Unit Support Bracket

Condensing unit support bracket is an integral part of your condensing unit, but not very popular. Yet, it is the most important component in your condensing unit and it gives you easy access to your condensing unit from any direction and at any time. There are several advantages for the same reasons. Apart from these two ways, condensing unit support bracket is also an important aspect of your condensing unit that needs to be maintained. Here is how to clean this part of your condensing unit.

In order to clean your condensing unit support bracket, all you need to do is to get a rag and wipe it with detergent. You have to wipe the area where the support bracket is positioned properly. If the area is placed on top of the unit, it would be a bit more difficult for you to wipe it properly. Make sure you go all the way around the bracket to wipe it properly. After you have done it, you have to spray your detergent with the spray bottle or sponge again. You can apply it for half an hour, just enough to keep the area from drying out. This will also help you avoid the dust build up and make your condensing unit support bracket look new and shiny.

Besides the cleaning, another factor that should be taken care of when you are cleaning your condensing unit support bracket is the lubrication. This is very important because the lubrication can help to maintain its life. It helps to avoid dirt to bind to the unit and if it does not get dried, it can cause wear and tear to the unit and can result in high fuel consumption. Therefore, lubricate the support bracket on a regular basis and see that it works for many years.

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