Tips For Replacing Your Compressor Clutch

It is important for you to know the various components of a compressor clutch relay because if the clutch does not operate properly then your air conditioner will stop working. Before you start looking for the parts, you need to find out how it works. First of all, remove the clutch from your system. If your air conditioner has a clutch, then remove it first. After you have removed it, you can check the power source for both terminals to ensure that there is no power loss. Once you have checked that, you can remove the relay and take the pieces with you.

compressor clutch relay

To replace a compressor clutch, first of all you need to disconnect the power supply to your cooling system. Then, you can disconnect the power cable to the compressor and disconnect the compressor from your motor, which is usually located on the back of the car. Now, you can disconnect the air conditioner from your car’s battery and disconnect the power cord from your alternator. Now, you need to open the glove box of your car and find the three screws located under the hood, one of them being the compression clutch switch.

Once you have removed these three screws, you can slide off the cover and locate the compressor clutch in the housing. Now, you need to find the right size breaker and replace the broken connection between the breaker and the clutch. You will also need to connect the new connection by soldering the new breaker into place. This process should be done carefully, because if you are not careful, you could damage the clutch in any way.

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