The Top Secret Truth About Compressor or Eq First Revealed

compressor or eq first

The compressor is an indispensable device for your studio. A multiband compressor might also be employed to dynamically process a frequency range much like that of the hi-hat. If you’re planning to stack many compressors and EQs it’s important to get a separation between a couple of the very same effect to make the most of their impact.

The Hidden Secret of Compressor or Eq First

You’re able to use compression as a creative effect to attain all types of weird, crazy sounds. Normally compression should result in a better performance but you must take care, that the statistics are current, so the optimizer can pick a suitable access path. The compression of one request can be diveded into 2 key phases.

An EQ changes the degree of certain frequencies, and thus impacts the amplitude of the signal. In quieter passages, the EQ leaves that exact same frequency band untouched so the voice doesn’t lose any extra presence. Generally speaking, EQ and gain after compression have to be utilized in much smaller increments.

Vital Pieces of Compressor or Eq First

If you set an EQ prior to a compressor, you likely are going to have to tweak the compressor’s threshold when you make any EQ changes. Another reason that you may want to EQ initially before you take advantage of a compressor is because a specific sound might require just a little polish. Classic EQ is very good for fixing problems that remain consistent throughout the whole track.

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