The Meaning of Compressor Unloader Valve Leaking

To stop leaks, your check valve has to be working. The check valve can be found at the base of the exhaust tube where it enters the tank. When it fails, the compressor pump is trying to start under head pressure, and the motor is not designed to handle this type of load. If you Google compressor tank check valves you will discover a range of suppliers.

Unloader valves don’t always work the exact same way. The unloader valve is simply leaking as soon as the compressor is operating. Upon noticing your unloader valve or pressure switch is not functioning, locate a replacement or have it checked immediately.

Whether there are weld leaks, the tank will want to get replaced. This leak is via the unloader valve. If your valve leaks under the pressure listed on the face of the valve, replace this critical safety feature.

If there’s a leak, there’s a high probability that the check valve isn’t working also. Such a leak means you’re taking a look at an issue with the valve together with the compressor tank’s check valve. Air leaks or very low pressure or very low volume issues may be caused by one of two things.

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