The Hidden Truth About Condenser Enlarger Vs Diffuser

Diffuser enlargers have a tendency to be designed for printing color negatives and transparencies, though they make excellent black-and-white enlargers, also, based on the kind of images you’re printing. A horizontal enlarger is composed of trestle, with the head mounted on crossbars between a couple of posts for additional stability. There is a sort of condenser-head enlarger, referred to as a point-source’ enlarger which employs an extremely tiny and very bright lamp. Today, that kind of enlarger may be the best that you can purchase for black and white printing. This sort of enlarger is said to provide the absolute maximum print sharpness. It usually means that a print by means of a condenser enlarger won’t have the identical tonal values as a contact print.

Enlargers can be found in a number of sizes and with an assortment of unique capabilities. This sort of enlarger isn’t as optically efficient as the condenser head and demands a bigger lamp, the other things being equal. If you’re using this enlarger to produce black and white prints you’re able to ignore the cyan filter. These enlargers may also be utilized with variable-contrast monochrome papers. It’s possible to use these enlargers with wide array of accessories. Today, it’s almost not possible to obtain any kind of color enlarger that doesn’t use a diffused light supply. To put it differently, a typical color enlarger permits you to not just make excellent black and white prints, it may also make excellent color prints.

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