The Condensing Unit Sequence of Operation

There are many units out there on the market today that do not have a proper condensing unit sequence of operation. This is unfortunate because there is a way to tell if a device is taking too long to come up or if it is running continuously. All units that fail to operate properly should be inspected and re-tested and if necessary, repaired or replaced. The right equipment is critical to safety and no good operator can take any chances. Since so many people fail to find this out about their devices, they end up putting their lives at risk.

While working with a device such as a heat pump, it is vital to understand that you must turn it off before you leave your location. That is the condensing unit sequence of operation. Many times when workers find out they cannot turn the system off before they leave the location they will put it on when they get home and assume that it will be turned off when they return. The unit should be turned off and all electrical connections removed from the system before entering a building. You also want to be sure to contact your local power company to make sure your service has been restored and that you have any power left. Without power, your device will not work. It is a good idea to turn off all electrical appliances and clothes before you begin work.

If you have no problem contacting your local power company, it is advisable to start with your indoor and outdoor doors and windows. Always turn your home power back on and be sure the power goes through a circuit breaker before entering your home. Don’t forget to test your outside and indoor equipment before any testing begins in your home.

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