The Condensing Unit Receiver – No Dehumidifier Needed!

condensing unit receiver

The Condensing Unit Receiver – No Dehumidifier Needed!

You may think that the Condensing Unit Receiver has the power to generate electricity from your own heat and other renewable energy sources. Is it not true that there are heating and air conditioning units that do it? They use electric coils within a duct to extract the heat. The condensing unit is very clever in one sense. It saves a lot of energy for us and yet it is no more than a warm air conditioner in its overall efficiency. While the air conditioner is a huge energy hog, with all the heating it uses, then the condensing unit is a clever way to reduce the carbon footprint even more. But what is the secret behind this unit’s genius?

One way of putting it is that it captures the free heat that is naturally present in the air. Most people already know that the heat is produced by the body of the house. The heat comes from inside the house; it is called body energy. This heat is kept in and the radiator absorbs it and turns it into energy. The condensing unit is usually linked to a boiler that captures this incoming heat from the inside of the house. As we all know, the first stage of this process is the dehumidification of the house, where the air is stripped of humidity and is returned to the house.

The receiver then takes the free heat in the air, turns it into electricity and sends it back to the source. There is now no dehumidifier required, as this process has taken care of the task. The beauty of the air conditioner is that it acts like a blanket that keeps the temperature comfortable all through the day. Without the blanket, it would be an uncomfortable climate for the whole family. With the condensing unit, the owner can save himself from the heat. He may also make use of it for generating his own heat.

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