The Condenser In English

I’m going to discuss the condenser in English; it is a very common type of radiator. They are used to make the electrical electricity. Condensers were first made to make heat on the steam that was collected from the water. The first condenser was invented by Walter L. Thomas. He wanted to use this way to collect the steam before it went into the furnace and make more heat to start the process. He made a condenser with the same shape as a boiler.

condenser in english

This was used on steam engines for the production of steam. It was designed so that the boiler would be below the water level. When the water started coming out of the condenser it would go into the hot water or steam generator. This machine was located under the water. He wanted to have the pump going back and forth on the water to turn it from one place to another. The motor was installed to make the steam while he used the pump to turn the water into steam. The design of the condenser was really innovative and gave a lot of potentials to the inventor and also gave the other engineers something to work on.

With the development of this new wave of technology, there were some changes that were made to the standard construction of the condenser. The older version of this type of condenser had no fins, no valves, and also no holes in the tank. With the more modern and economical condenser there are no fins, valves, and it is actually mounted inside the bottom of the boiler. However, with the change in technology, they did not remove the fins or valves because they still needed them to control the amount of steam being collected by the radiator. The tanks that hold the water are designed with large holes to allow the water to flow in easily and the tank has a motor inside to make the water push and rotate the fins.

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