The Components of a Furnace Deck

A furnace deck can be anything that is attached to a building with a vent that is used to pull air in from outside or may also be utilized for piping hot air from one room to another. When a furnace is located on the roof of a home, it is referred to as a combi-roof and it can be used for several different tasks. It can be used to heat a particular room of the home or it can also be utilized to heat another room on the property such as a garage. A combi-roof can be used to pump the home’s water heater, a pool heater, or even a central air conditioner.

Some homes have a room right under their home’s furnace where a combi-roof is installed. There is usually a ductwork connecting the hot air to the home. The ductwork then leads from the room to the furnace room. Another method that a combi-roof may be located in a home is where an external fan blows through the ductwork and directs the air into the building’s furnace. There are even furnace decks that are located on the exterior of the home that may be used for tasks other than heating up the home. These outdoor furnaces may be used to provide additional sources of heat or additional sources of air conditioning.

The installation of a combi-roof should take some time as the area must be sealed and insulated to provide the proper temperature for the unit. It will require the installation of two small pieces of insulated metal around the perimeter of the furnace deck and each piece should be fastened to the other using stainless steel bolts. The deck should be designed to accommodate the placement of the furnace. After the installation, the furnace deck should be covered so that rain water does not seep in. Once the deck is fully insulated, it can be used for heating any home regardless of its size.

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