The Best Way to Keep Running Refrigerators and Condensers

There are some things you can do to help a refrigerator or condenser keep running longer. Believe it or not, these items are very inexpensive and easy to change if need be. However, there are times when the refrigerator is frozen shut, and the only way to get it started again is to turn off the power source that is supplying the refrigerator. For this reason, the most common thing people do is to remove the air conditioner from the refrigerator, open the front panel on the unit, and reconnect the coil to its mains supply. The condenser coil is then placed back into the unit and the fuses are reset.

Other times, the condenser will be completely frozen shut and needs to be replaced. One of the problems with running the condenser for this long is the condenser is likely leaking. In order to keep a refrigerator from freezing over, you need to make sure the refrigerant gets into the unit at a consistent rate. When the flow rate changes due to ice in the lines, the refrigerant goes to the condenser to be reheated. This reheat of the refrigerant causes condenser coils to get hot, which will prevent the refrigerant from flowing through.

This is why having an air conditioner is so important. The presence of an air conditioner forces the refrigerant through much more quickly and does a much better job of getting the refrigerant through the lines. To prevent the condenser from freezing over, you should keep your air conditioner turned on or run it at a moderate rate to keep it from freezing up. If the appliance has enough freezer space and does not get a lot of use, it might be a good idea to just leave it plugged in and it will run just fine.

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