The 5-Minute Rule for Condensing Unit Heat Rejection

The condensing unit houses the compressor, the heat that’s removed from your residence is pushed via the piping within the fins. Once your Air Conditioner’s condensing unit reaches a specific age it might not make sense to fix your previous unit and will actually help you save money in the very long run to replace it using a new energy efficient Air Conditioning Condensing Unit. The air conditioner’s condensing unit is the most essential portion of your system as it houses all the essential pieces.

The indoor unit is essentially a direct expansion fan coil. It may also have a multi-speed fan. If you own a unit that require R-22 refrigerant, you might have to face this issue sooner, as opposed to later, as manufacturers have stopped making this sort of refridgerant. Additional evaporative condensing units are employed in large industrial industries, particularly those which require above 100 tons of refrigeration.

Condensing Unit Heat Rejection Options

Usually, the glycol-cooled condenser can be found in the air conditioner with the remainder of the refrigeration components. The greatest ambient temperature which our condensers can handle is 120F. Also, each Liebert condenser isn’t hard to install. If you’re looking for Liebert condensers to coordinate with the heat rejection requirements of your existing Liebert ac system, then you’ve come to the proper spot.

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