Repairing Your Furnace Vent Rain Cap

furnace vent rain cap

Repairing Your Furnace Vent Rain Cap

If you notice that the rain cap on your furnace seems to be leaking or making an unusual noise, you may need to repair the mold release valve in the furnace vent rain cap. This is an important part of your furnace, so you should take care of it immediately. Even if you think the sound is due to a loose connection or loose seal, it could cause a lot of problems with your home. When it rains, the cold water and condensation to evaporate from the underside of your roof and into the air and if this water is allowed to build up, you will find it rising up through your furnace vent and down into your house.

Your furnace is one of the most important systems in your home because it brings heat into your home. The water that is lost through the roof can freeze inside the vents that are either sealed or poorly sealed. This will cause condensation to form, which again will drip down into the room. Your water heater and other plumbing pipes in your home will also be at risk, but your furnace is the most important of all because this is the system that will convert heat energy into hot air.

If there are water leaks in the roof, it will most likely be near the ground where it will have the best chance of becoming frozen. This will cause a buildup of ice and cause water to enter your room. If this water does not freeze, the mold will begin to grow in the room. Once this happens, the moisture in the room will begin to absorb the carbon dioxide and when the water condenses, you will get a carbon monoxide leak. You will also find that when you start to feel sick and have a headache, the carbon monoxide has probably caused the headaches.

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