Kirby Condensing Units

The Kirby Condensing Unit is used to collect and store heat energy in the process of improving the system’s output of heat. The condensing unit is constructed from an aluminum unit which can then be assembled on the foundation. The structure needs to be supported by a steel beam.

The Kirby condensing unit also provides for the expansion of the capacity of the heating system. The unit generates more heat than needed for the building, thus making room for further expansion of the heating system. While the condensing unit heats the system, it also directs the hot air that is produced to the exterior of the structure. This is used for two reasons. One is that it cools down the air, causing it to be less hot outside.

The second is that the condensing unit absorbs any water that the outside air has and transfers it back to the system. It is important to note that the heat may not be allowed to remain inside the system. This is because the indoor temperature, despite the initial rise, does not continue to rise. The unit needs to expel this heat so it may continue to rise. The Kirby condensing unit is manufactured in a number of different shapes. They can either be built from a single piece or they can be modular. The latter is used in the bigger units.

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