Is the Compressor Limiter Pedal Worth the Money?

Compressor Limiter Pedal is a good compressor that should be owned by every sound engineer. The compressor allows the effects of many different sounds, including earthy tones and hot ones. If you’re not an engineer, but are a sound designer, you might be wondering what this pedal can do for you. In fact, you may be asking yourself if it’s worth it. But think about it for a moment, is there really a difference between using your compressor to cut through the air or simply make it lower in pitch? Of course not, and that’s what makes a compressor pedal so useful. If you understand how it works, you can create the type of sounds you desire.

compressor limiter pedal

The compressor pedal has more than just the usual controls you would find on most compressors. There are other pedals available, some more useful and some more costly. What is great about the compressor pedal is that it allows you to control all the many aspects of the sound including volume, frequency, filter cutoff and attack. If you were just working with a compressor alone, you could get some really nice results with your compression. However, if you were using another compressor, you may not be able to hear the results as clearly. Using two pedals will allow you to hear the differences between them more clearly, giving you a great reason to use two compressors in combination. With two compressors, you can create really great sounds like low end, heavy metal distortion and warm reverb.

The compressor pedal can do some really cool things, especially if you understand how it functions. If you are a sound designer, you may want to use the compressor on a track where you are trying to recreate the sounds of a certain sound. You can choose to play in full stereo, or mono. By using the controls on the compressor pedal, you can isolate the part of the sound you want to replicate. If you want to be able to hear the result, it is vital that you isolate the part of the sound you want to recreate and then add one or more compressors in order to create the desired effect.

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