How to Test a Condensing Unit Not Spinning

Many times if you are having problems with your heat or cooling system your condensing unit is not spinning enough and can’t help you get the air flow you need. There is a simple way to diagnose what is going on and to try to figure out the reason that your condensing unit isn’t spinning enough.

Take a small screwdriver and unscrew any nuts or bolts that are holding it in place on your unit. Now that it is loose the unit should spin properly again. This is very common, especially for those who are moving from one furnace or unit to another. Sometimes your thermostat will also be in a bad spot and if that is the case you need to take it apart as well. Sometimes it may need some replacement parts. That’s a common problem when you have a new home construction or an old home renovation.

If you find that the unit doesn’t spin at all when you turn it on then you can take it to your local heating or cooling company. They will likely tell you to run the unit for a few days until it works right again. If you don’t want to do that then there is another easy way to test it out. By taking some old newspapers, cardboard, or other debris and placing it inside the tank. It should spin and then once you do the condensing unit needs to be tested.

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