How to Repair Your Furnace Disconnect Switch

When your furnace and hot water system malfunctions, it is best to know the furnace disconnect switch and how to repair it. This is a safety device that works like a thermostat, but instead of setting your furnace or heater to a certain temperature, it is used to bring it back to a certain mode, usually warm. When you discover that the switch is not working, you will not be able to control your unit. The process is relatively simple: First, locate the switch. Next, identify the proper component, which usually consists of a metal frame with a wire that connects to the panel inside the furnace.

Upon locating the switch, turn off the breaker first and then the circuit breaker on the circuit where you want to put the replacement switch. Next, unscrew the old switch and remove the screw holding the old plug in place. Once you have removed the old plug, unplug the appliance from the main power supply, so the lighted plug is now accessible. Put the new plug into the same outlet as the existing plug. Then, set the new switch in its place and screw the metal component into place. Finally, reconnect the wires to their respective components and secure the screws.

Remember that this is a safety mechanism, meaning that it will prevent carbon monoxide from reaching your family or pets. You should only ever disable this mechanism if you are actually in need of replacing your furnace’s gas burner. This will prevent the potential of accident.

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