How to Install a Condensing Unit

condensing unit

How to Install a Condensing Unit

While you may have a room that needs to be insulated, a condensing unit is an efficient way to do so. This type of unit comes in two different types; one is the forced air one and the other is the unit that utilize natural gas. The forced air types of units are commonly used because they are easy to install and can be more cost-effective than the others. The natural gas type is a little bit more complicated and does require special equipment in order to make it work.

The first thing you need to do when installing the condensing unit is figure out where the spot for the unit is going to be. You will want to find a spot that is away from any place that you may have plugged the unit in previously. This is to prevent any leakage and any problems with any leaks. Next, you will want to set up the wall plates. In order to install the wall plates, you will want to locate the breaker box, turn it off, and unscrew the four screws that are located on the back of the box. Next, you will need to unscrew the two screws located on the back of the unit.

Once you have unscrewed the screws, you will need to take out the unit and take measurements. You will want to mark the three holes that are on the bottom of the unit so that you will know where to get the wall plates for the next step. You will then need to get the new liner for the unit and make sure that it is aligned correctly before screwing the wall plates back into place. If there is anything to be fixed, you will need to remove the unit and then put it back together. That’s it!

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