How To Fix A Condensing Unit Electrical Failure

Your condensing unit may have an electrical failure, or it may be a bad capacitor. A bad capacitor can not only cause a huge problem, but in the long run you may find that your entire unit will fail. First, if you have not already done so, unplug the condensing unit from the power source. Next, disconnect the condensing unit from your cooling system and remove any and all components. If possible, locate the capacitor that is associated with the condensing unit and remove it from the unit.

You can either use a screwdriver to lift up the top of the condensing unit, or you can use a small hand-held tool, such as a screwdriver. You want to look for an electrical connection that is located under the top cover. If you cannot locate it, then you may need to unscrew and remove the top cover. If you can’t find the electrical connection, then you should remove the condensing unit from the unit. Be sure to remove all of the components from the unit as well. You may have a need to buy some new parts if you cannot locate the electrical connection.

After locating the electrical connection, you will now need to locate the bad capacitor. This can be quite difficult and this is why you need to use a digital multimeter to determine the condition of the capacitor. When using a digital multimeter, make sure to note the testing voltages that are shown on the multimeter. This will help you determine whether the capacitor is working properly. After determining the condition of the capacitor, try removing one of the legs on the meter. On the G-Cap, the direction that the meter goes when placed on the capacitor indicates the test current. Keep in mind that if you are using other types of G-Caps, the direction that the meter goes may not be the same as the current that is flowing through the capacitor.

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