Furnace Jobs in Steelpoort

Steelpoort in Cornwall is the main center for jobs in the steel industry. One of the best known companies that has been operating in the town for over twenty five years is Neptune Group plc. The company produces heavy duty industrial appliances, steam generators, heaters and related furnaces. At present the companies employs over a thousand people and is expanding its operations to keep up with the competition in the industry.

The Steelpoort manufacturing plants are situated in the small town of Benton. The nearest port is Exeter but there is no rail service from Exeter to Bentorn so the production goes to Truro. Steelpoort has also become the hub for the construction of substations for oil and gas pipelines. There are companies that have their distribution centers in Bentorn, Truro and other towns in the county. Most of the time you will find many oil and gas industry personnel in the area, because the turnover in this industry is very high. The company employs several engineers, machinists, builders and operators who work as a team with steel producers. There are also construction projects that are completed on a daily basis.

The Steelpoort places are perfect for those who enjoy working outdoors because there are plenty of walking and biking trails to get around. There are areas for picnics, hikes and golfing as well. It is a great place to live if you have a family because of the affordable housing costs. There are also excellent schools located within short driving distance. The town is also well connected by public transport, which makes the commute easier.

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