Furnace Creek Visitors Center – A Look Inside the Furnace Creek Visitor Center

The Furnace Creek Visitors Center is located on the south side of Furnace Creek Road, about three miles east of Cherokee Landing. The center is an entire building that houses a large auditorium and a gift shop as well as a pavilion housing a playground. The pavilion contains picnic tables and benches for people to sit down, while sitting on the pavilion, there are two tables that can be set up for eating, there is also a small snack bar with ice cream sandwiches, chips, and other snacks. The pavilion also contains benches for the children to play on, while there is also a small slide that children can use to go down. There is also a small playground in the pavilion, with a playground bench for the children to rest their feet on as they enjoy their afternoon at the pavilion.

In the event you need to see the Furnace Creek Visitors Center and pavilion, you can take either Route 73 North from Cashiers or Cherokee Landing and make a right turn onto the Furnace Creek road, just past the grist mill. You will see the center and pavilion on your right hand side, just ahead on your left is the edge of the ridge where you will drive on. From there you will drive a few hundred yards until you see the center and pavilion on your right. The pavilion entrance is located just around the corner on the left hand side.

The Furnace Creek Visitors Center has parking for up to four cars. There is also a small handicap accessible parking area. While you are in the pavilion or the visitors center, you can go inside and visit with some of the many museum exhibits and learn more about the history of Furnace Creek.

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