Furnace Creek Campground – Great Activities Nearby

furnace creek campground

Furnace Creek Campground – Great Activities Nearby

Furnace Creek Campground is located on US Highway 271, just south of the Oklahoma state line in Canada County. The campground offers two separate campgrounds and this is the reason why they are sometimes confused with each other. Located between Sparks City and Oklahoma City, it is also served by a paved road that connects it to the popular Carrick McDonald Park and the Buffalo Army National Memorial. It is located across from the park and has an access to it.

There are three RV camping areas at Furnace Creek Campground. The main campground is the largest and features seven sites. It is served by a paved parking lot, restrooms, and a vault toilet, but has no bathhouses or showers. The next campground on the list is only accessible by car and has a natural pool. It is very large and has access to showers and bathrooms. This campground is not too large and has three RV campsites. The third campground is the smallest of the three and has one RV site.

It is also good to know that Furnace Creek Campground is open year round. There are a variety of activities and programs that will be of interest to visitors. This is a great place to visit for a weekend getaway or a family getaway. Visiting Furnace Creek can be fun and exciting especially if you plan to have a nice camping trip with your family.

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