Furnace Air Filters

Furnace air filters come in a variety of different types. For commercial furnaces, filters can range anywhere from four to twelve on the MAVF rating scale. A standard MAVF four filters would be the most expensive but would not catch many small particles (such as pet dander and dust mites) which may be present in your house. In addition, they may contain too many contaminants. As such, you will need more than four filters if you want to have good quality, clean air in the workplace.

Filter size is important for all furnace owners as the bigger the filter, the more effective it is. If you find yourself getting rid of dirty air because the filters get full, replace them with a new one. A replacement MAVF filter usually contains two filter cartridges. Each of these will have its own type of filter that is designed to block different contaminants and thus prevent dust, pet dander, pollen and other dirt particles from entering into the system. There are also some models available that will only require a single cartridge to eliminate all the impurities in the air.

Filters also come in disposable or reusable versions depending on your budget. For commercial and industrial use, the reusable version is recommended, since it does not require regular replacement. In comparison, disposable filters may need to be replaced more often when they are used in home furnaces.

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