Frozen Condenser – Keeping Your Refrigerator Freezing Up

You’ve decided to buy a new refrigerator but your fridge is freezing up and you’re not sure why. If this sounds like your situation, then you might want to consider an option like a frozen condenser. A frozen condenser, or ice coil, is a metal or plastic device that holds a freezer and a refrigerator in one unit. The condenser unlike the other refrigerators is usually located on the hot side of your refrigerator. This prevents the cold refrigerant from escaping and also keeps the ice from accumulating in the freezer. A frozen condenser can be made of different materials depending on what you need it for. The most common is a metal plate, but there are also plastic versions.

condenser keeps freezing up

One of the biggest reasons to have a frozen condenser installed in your fridge is that many people have problems with ice forming inside the fridge. This can be very dangerous for your family and can even result in illness or death if someone were to drink contaminated fluids. However, this problem isn’t limited to people, as many animals can suffer from having an ice-filled fridge. There’s nothing worse than having to throw out an expensive ice chest that has been damaged by ice buildup.

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