Condensing Unit and Hurricane Straps For Increased Protection

Hurricane belts and condensing units are available to any hurricane company which has plans for future construction in hurricane-prone areas. These belts will keep the roof of the building well protected against any water reaching it. They come with strap holders for the plastic straps or cord locks for use with metal or wood. They will hold the belts firmly in place, preventing them from moving. While the condensing unit will keep water in the building, the water is constantly drained away to prevent damage to the electrical system.

The condensing unit should not be installed over an existing belt because it may cause a fire hazard. Newer buildings may use a combination of storm belts and condensing units, or they may go with the traditional roof belts only. The entire roof, including the above and below the roof tracks should be properly inspected for wind damage and possible damage from hail. Depending on the severity of the damage, the entire roof structure may need to be removed.

Newer buildings are using wind storm belt systems rather than belts alone. This provides greater security to the occupants of the building and less possibility of injuries. By using a system such as this, the structure is protected from potential damages and has superior protection from the storm, hail, and any type of damage. The condensing unit that is usually used to protect the windows from damage by rain, wind, and damaging elements. It comes in various sizes, so it will work for most buildings. This system protects the windows from damage by wind, hail, and rain.

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