Condenser Wiring – Using Copper Wire

Condenser wiring is used to enable the DC to the motor itself. Normally, the DC is transferred to the fan motor that spins at a higher speed than the flow of water in the pump itself. It has a function of accelerating the water supply by increasing the water flow speed as well as the power of the motor.

If you want to use a low-flow fan, it is recommended to build a condenser out of copper wire. Normally, it is available in lengths of around half a meter. But, if the application permits, the user can also use copper cable with an additional conductive coating which enables the device to function more efficiently. In the case of the circuit of a motor, the tubing connects the battery and the condenser or the pump. But, it is important to note that the end of the line should have a clear connection to the motor. Otherwise, the windings may be damaged by rusting.

The thinner the wires are, the better they will conduct the electricity. In the case of a condenser wire, the conductor is constructed of smaller gauge of copper alloys. Copper wire is used for the purpose of reducing the length of the cable, thereby saving the money that would have been spent for longer and thicker wire. If you are going to wire the copper cable, you can use a special gun for the purpose. Simply put, condenser wiring should not be used when you are planning to use the copper cable for its intended purpose.

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