Condenser Wall Bracket – Overview

1 Mark the locations of each one of the bracket mounting holes onto the wall, utilizing a level to make certain that the brackets will be level with one another. You must make certain that the brackets you’re buying are going to be able to support the sort of weight that you expect to put on the shelf. If you would like a trendy looking shelf brackets you will need to think about the decorative shelf brackets in chrome that’s on offer at Amazon for $14. There are several decorative shelf brackets to select from.

Locate studs on the other side of the wall where you want to hang your shelf using your stud finder. Not every shelf has to be filled if you prefer to include empty space as a portion of the plan. Once you are aware of how to make floating shelves and set them correctly, you can give an incredible appearance to the wall.

Place a washer onto the very first bolt you want to use to guarantee the shelf to the bracket. Use a stud finder to track down any studs to determine whether you may install the shelf right to the studs. Measure your microwave to get the dimensions your shelf should be to accommodate it. Shelves made to fit in the corner between two walls do not demand shelf brackets as a way to mount.

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