Condenser Ne Demek Coils

Condenser ne demek coils are used in hearing aids. These coiled coils are used to remove excess magnetic energy from the air. The hearing loss is brought about by the loss of the natural magnetic field, which is produced by the coiled wire. The ear wax is pulled out and removed with this kind of coiled wire.

An alteration in the shape of the auricular folds happens in the region of the coiled wire. This can be caused by age, wax build up, embolism and other medical conditions. This alteration takes place due to the natural magnetic field that had existed prior to the coiling process. Now the coiled wire generates its own magnetic field. But as it is easy to make a change in the shape of the coil, they are being made all the time. Therefore the new coil does not have any effect on the natural magnetism of the coiled wire. But in order to remove this excess magnetic energy the coiled wire has to be placed in a magnetised environment.

There are some devices that come with an auricular coil or radiating coil which contains very little of the magnetic energy. These coils are placed outside the wire that is wrapped around the ear, so that the coil has little effect on the outer part of the ear. However, when these coils are placed inside the wire, a very significant change takes place. The excessive magnetic energy produced by the coil will cause alteration in the shape of the ear. Thus the coiled wire will require modification so that the field does not affect the natural anatomy of the ear.

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