Condenser Line Freezing – Save Money and Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Condenser line freezing is one of the best choices for preventing air loss in ductwork. This simple process of venting off unwanted gases by freezing is extremely cost effective and easy to perform at your place. It provides a life-long service to improve gas efficiency and reducing the expense of duct replacement.

The use of natural gas in air conditioning systems is commonly used in the US. However, it is an energy intensive process. The natural gas released from condensers causes an increase in electricity bills because of the natural gases gas used as a refrigerant and is also used in air conditioning, heating, and dehumidification. However, natural gas use in air conditioning has a negative impact on the environment. It causes global warming because of the creation of greenhouse gas. Dehumidification and air conditioning are two of the most commonly used methods to combat global warming. These methods can be expensive and can be detrimental to the environment.

The best thing you can do to help prevent air loss in ductwork is to install a condenser line freezing system in your air conditioning system. The natural gases created by the freezing process cause an overall decrease in the electricity used and cause the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from the building. Instead of having a small amount of natural gas leaking out of your air conditioning system, you will have a large amount of gases that are trapped and vented away. The vacuum created by the frozen condensate will also help reduce air friction between the ductwork and insulation. This type of freeze will help your air conditioning system run more efficiently and will also save you money. It is also a time saving procedure. With the normal processes used to vent out unwanted gases in ductwork, you will need to wait for days before the air gets ventilated.

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