Condenser Head Pressure Control

A condenser head pressure control, often seen on the coldest parts of the tank of a gas generator, helps to prevent the formation of ice within the power head or condenser. Since the hot gases will begin to flow inside the engine compartment of the power head if it is filled with ice, the condenser head pressure control will help to provide a barrier between the hot gases and the wall of the condenser. The amount of heat, therefore, will be minimized, and the cold will no longer penetrate the power head and ruin the compressor.

condenser head pressure control

It is important that the condenser head is properly maintained for optimum performance of the generator. The conditions that can cause the formation of ice include, cold weather, low ambient temperatures, running the engine at high pressures, applying excessive pressure to the condenser, and high engine speeds. It is important that the head of the gas generator is checked and cleaned on a regular basis, using an oil, oil-free solvent, or water solution.

A number of things can cause ice formation in the condenser head. Other possible causes include, accumulating dirt, oxidation, contact with oil and moisture, and improper installation or care. Regular inspections of the condenser head are important, as well as, checking the over-all condition of the compressor by inspecting it for signs of corrosion, rust, and cracks.

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