Condenser Evaporator – Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Condenser Evaporator Refrigeration System

A condenser evaporator is a type of refrigeration device that is found in most homes. Its purpose is to extract cold air from the air surrounding the home and transfer it into an air handler that is attached to the outside of the home. Some of the benefits to this type of system include being able to cool the air in the home before passing it through a filter, thereby eliminating the high energy costs associated with the air that is passed through filters. Another benefit is the ability to achieve less evaporation of water because the cooling process will typically allow the process to be completed more rapidly.

condenser evaporator refrigeration system

If your condenser evaporator is showing signs of age or in need of repair, it may be possible to restore its efficiency by replacing or repairing some parts of the system. The fan and evaporator itself are not necessarily expensive. You should look for parts at a local auto parts store and save money by purchasing used parts. Replacement parts for the fan and evaporator may be purchased as individual parts and re-used. The evaporator unit that attaches to the outside of the home should also be checked for any leaks or problems that may be causing condensation.

Once your condenser evaporator has been found to be in need of repair, it is important to take action as soon as possible. Because the system takes in cold air and distributes it to the outside of the home it can produce a lot of waste heat. These heat losses will not cause significant issues but can add significantly to your electric bill each month.

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