Condenser Bushings

Condenser bushings are also referred to as grease plates, or yokes. Grease is a chemical that lubricate the joints of an assembly, and a bearing is a piece of equipment that allow rotation of an assembly. As the application of force increases the oil supply becomes less adequate and eventually must be replaced by a new one. To this end a bearing may need to be lubricated with the help of a grease.

Bearings are generally used to move an assembly over a given diameter of surface area. A bearing will achieve a certain rotational speed. The bearing has two ends, one parallel to the load, the other perpendicular to the load. The component may contain several bearing surfaces. Normally the bearing surfaces are made of either one or two pieces of metal, though sometimes they are made of a mixture of metals, and sometimes they are made of a combination of metals. A bearing needs a hardened bearing surface to work properly.

The main components of a bearing are the ball, the axle, and the drop, the term for the main bearing surface that is flat and smooth. Drop bearings are often also referred to as liquid nut or fruitless bearing. A shaft also fits through the bearing and is driven by the bearing, usually by means of a pinion gearbox. The shaft can either be cylindrical or pointed. Both shapes may be used. The ball may fit in the bearing; this form of housing is referred to as roller bearing.

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