Compressor Definition

A compressor definition is a general term used to describe the types of machinery that are used in various industries for the purpose of transferring, compressing and storing large volumes of fluid or gases into a fixed or portable form. In simple terms, a compressor is basically a mechanical device which increases the volume of a fluid by reducing its pressure. It may be powered either manually, mechanically or electrically. An electric compressor is known as an air compressor while hydraulic compressors are classified under the category of pressure regulators. An air compressor consists of the following major components, the compressor, the valve, the fuel tank, the air hose and the air vent.

compressor definition

The compressor is used to increase the pressure in the cylinder of a compressor to a more acceptable level. Pressure increase usually takes place as a result of the increased volume of the gas or fluid being transferred. Pressure levels can be increased in two ways either by increasing the cylinder pressure or by increasing the volume of the gas or fluid. The pressure in the cylinder can be increased either by increasing the size of the air tank or by increasing the overall flow of air into the cylinder. The pressure can also be increased by increasing the pressure of the air that is passing through the hose into the cylinder. The main benefit of using a compressor for pumping air into a cylinder or piping system is that it reduces the time taken to transfer the air to a desired location. The reduced time taken makes the process faster.

There are different purposes for which a compressor may be used. One of these purposes is to increase the pressure in an atmosphere to a level where a higher pressure is required for a given task. This is done by filling the tank of the compressor with a larger volume of air than the actual pressure needed for the task being carried out. In a similar way, the pressure of compressed air can be increased in a system so that it is capable of carrying out an operation which requires higher thrust in engines or aircraft engines. Similarly, it can also be used to increase the pressure in an engine to the level where high temperature is necessary. Finally, the compressed air can be used to provide sufficient power for small domestic appliances. Thus, we can see that a compressor definition has many uses and the different types have different applications.

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