All About Condensing Unit Security Cages

The home security system that has multiple security cages is one of the best ways to have a safe and secure environment. Condensing unit security cages are found in a variety of different ways. They can be built into a security cage door and locked at the bottom or inside of the cage. Some are built into the floor of the cage and need to be removed every so often. These can be removed and thrown away like a used paper weight, but are best left locked up and left to stay secure until they are needed again.

The good thing about the security cage is that they are easy to use and usually come with a user manual. Most people have been able to find and purchase their cage from the local hardware store, but some people just need to go get it shipped in. A few other items that should be picked up along with the cage would be a cover for the cage. This is because most condensing units are also installed in enclosed spaces, like the garage or a utility room. Cover the top of the cage so the security cage will not be exposed to the elements. It is very important to remove the cover when removing the cage from the enclosure because the amount of humidity can build up if it stays overnight.

When installing a security cage, check the warranty of the cage. Most of the time they have a replacement policy. The reason that this is important is that a security cage can be quite expensive. A security cage that has been installed for several years is more durable than one that has only recently been installed. Security cages should be installed for at least five years. Sometimes these cages are replaceable, but they should be replaced within that time frame as well. This is a very small investment, but it can pay off for the lifetime of the home security system that has this cage installed.

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