A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Condenser Fan Motor Wiring and How to Avoid It

Details of Condenser Fan Motor Wiring

In the event the fan runs intermittently whenever the selector switch buttons are pushed the switch will need to be replaced. If he turns freely, you need to check its windings for continuity. He should be on continuously when the air conditioning is on. If he isn’t shutting off there could be several reasons. If he does not run, the drive motor may be defective. If he does not run, the dual shaft fan motor may be defective. The condenser fan is on the rear of the refrigerator, near the bottom.

Condenser Fan Motor Wiring – Overview

The motor is currently disassembled. The blower motor isn’t repairable, it’s going to need to be replaced if it’s defective. An air-conditioning blower motor might be replaced by means of a stock motor that may not necessarily be of precisely the same brand as the original.

Spin the blade to verify it doesn’t touch any portion of the motor. In the event the condenser fan motor is running and there looks very little air coming from the fan, then the coil could be plugged with dirt. The most important reason that you want to confirm the condenser fan motor before you operate the system is as it is linked to the compressor.

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