A Condensing Unit Ladder Diagram

A condensing unit is a device used to cool down a hot boiler in order to eliminate the need for an electrical boiler. A condensing unit is usually placed near the boiler so that a condensate can be cooled down quickly and safely, this is done by an evaporator coil, which is a device which transfers heat from the water in the boiler and moves it into the condenser coils. The coils of the condensing unit are connected to an air compressor that is mounted on the floor. An air hose is connected to the compressor and to a compressor valve. Once the air is supplied to the evaporator coil it is heated up and passes through the evaporator coil and condenser coil.

condensing unit ladder diagram

The compressor is then used to heat up the incoming air, this heat exchange process takes place quickly and efficiently in the compressor. As the incoming air is heated up it is moved through the evaporator coil, where it passes through a heating coil, then it goes through the condenser coil. Once it passes through the condenser coil it returns back to the compressor. The incoming air is then directed to the condensing unit, where it passes through the condenser again and then enters the evaporator coil where it passes through another heating coil, and this cycle repeats until the desired temperature is reached. This temperature is used to remove water from the boiler and reduce the boiling point of the water. This process is then repeated for a further few minutes, at which point the compressor can be turned off to prevent the heat exchange from occurring too fast and causing damage to the boiler. Once the cycle has completed all the water has been removed from the boiler is cooled down to a temperature where it is safe to use.

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