Why Choose a Condenser Transmission Cooler?

If you have a car that is not getting quite enough air, or you want to cut your heating bill, you should look into the use of a condenser transmission cooler. This cooling unit will automatically begin the cooling process as soon as your engine starts and is much cheaper than other options. This way, the engine cools off faster, thus allowing for better gas mileage and longer running times.

These types of units work very similar to your car’s air conditioner, except that they are more efficient and can be used on cars without a built in air conditioning system. They are also very easy to install and can be powered either by the internal combustion engine or the battery, making them perfect for any garage. The coolant (the liquid that makes the cooling process go) comes in a very small amount, so it is not needed to be refrigerated when the car is on. This means you can store them inside your garage with the hood open if you would like to save some space.

A condenser cooling unit is basically a manual cooled condenser, which sits on the outside of the engine compartment and is powered by a solenoid, a natural gas delivery hose and a battery. Once the unit is powered by the engine, it begins to cool as soon as the engine starts. This ensures a constant flow of coolant to the radiator and will help keep your engine cool during summer and warmer during winter. It will save you money on your heating bill and you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your car is safe and comfortable all night long. You will never be sorry you invested in one of these coolers.

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