Using a Compressor on Your Jazz Guitar

compressor jazz guitar

Using a Compressor on Your Jazz Guitar

If you want to learn jazz guitar but are a little worried about the additional challenges posed by the equipment needed, you should try using a compressor on your jazz guitar. A compressor is a device that uses electrical and mechanical energy to change its speed. The compressor is used to lower the pitch of a note while maintaining the timbre of that note. This can help you hear the subtleties in your chords and help you play them in ways that they were never meant to be played before.

You can make the most of your compressor by being aware of the simple controls that it requires. When the compressor is on, the volume of the instrument goes up, and it will drop as soon as you release the pedal. A compressor also includes a noise reduction feature that basically kicks in when the volume is set too high. When you start to play with a compressor, you are not allowed to add any external effects to the sound because the compressor will take care of it. So you should be careful when choosing a compressor and what sound you are going to be able to get out of it.

The most important thing to remember when using a compressor is that you should always be aware of the sound of the compressor and how it affects the tone of the instrument you are playing. The compressor will also help you learn about the subtleties of your jazz guitar sound. Many people who start a compression process after seeing a video of someone doing it on stage will not be able to get the sound they want. If you want to be able to do this, you should be focused and just let the compressor do its job.

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