The Process of Condenser Installation

Condenser installation is a straightforward task. It involves placing the first heat-tube in the location you want, installing the heat-tube’s drain valve, and fitting the conduit to the heat-tube. You then attach the second heat-tube, the thermostat and any other components you may wish to place. For better performance you should position the system so that you can control the coolant flowing through the condenser.

condenser installation

You may also install your condenser in other areas, as long as you are able to regulate the flow of coolant. For instance, if your condenser is located in the center of your water tank, the coolant that flows through the condenser will be able to move around freely, thus leading to a higher water flow. Of course, a bit of slop can also be introduced by the placement of the condenser at the bottom of the water tank. In order to get rid of this slop, you should remove the condenser. This can be done by using a pipe wrench, which you can then replace the old condenser with a new one. One thing to remember is that the two condensers are in a fluid motion, so it is essential to apply only a light force to ensure that everything is free from any disturbance.

As mentioned above, in case you are not satisfied with the results, it is possible to have your condenser fixed. A plumber is sure to have some pipes and fittings that will allow him to solve your problem. You can also have it reassembled, in which case you would need to pay more money for the service. However, you can also take the help of a friend, as they may be able to get the job done at a lower cost.

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