Quality Settings – Changing the Quality Settings

One of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining your compressor is changing the compressor quality settings. Yes, it’s easy to assume that changing quality settings can be as simple as turning the knob to the left or the right on the compressor, but in reality this is not true. The reason why this is the case is because the changing of the quality settings involves a huge number of steps and devices and can be very difficult. This is why some people are better off using compressor cleaners, which do all the changing for you, with just a few easy steps. In order to change the quality settings you will need a ‘quality calibration’ process. The calibration process involves testing all the parts of the compressor to make sure that they are working properly and that there are no errors that might otherwise occur.

compressor quality settings

There are a couple of different ways to calibrate the quality settings of a compressor. The first way to do this is by adjusting the torque settings on the compressor’s flywheel assembly. The torque settings are adjusted by raising or lowering the handle bar assembly in a clockwise fashion, where a high torque setting means a low speed, while a low torque setting means a high speed. Depending on the compressor used will dictate what works best.

The second way to calibrate the quality settings of a compressor is by using a software program. These programs allow the user to set the settings on the fly and are easy to use. However, if you are using one of these programs be sure to read the manual thoroughly and make sure that you know how to use it before you start changing the quality settings. It should also come with a maintenance program to ensure that the compressor stays in tip-top shape.

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