Important Condensing Unit Fan Motor Replacement Tips

When a condensing unit fan motor goes bad, it is vital that you repair the unit or replace it immediately. By doing this, you will be sure that you are going to enjoy uninterrupted ventilation and proper air quality in your home. There are many reasons why a condensing unit fan motor goes bad. A number of them may be as simple as a small chip on the motor or a lack of lubrication.

Usually, when a condensing unit fan motor goes bad, there will be a fan speed indicator light that will come on. This means that the fan motor is starting to malfunction and then this speed limit will begin to shift around. This means that the fan will not be able to make it to the full setting unless you pull it up and reduce the speed down. You may also notice that the unit fan starts to fail and then it becomes difficult to make adjustments. If you have this kind of situation with your fan, it is vital that you go into your attic and take a look at your condensing unit fan.

It is possible that your condensing unit fan has just made contact with an element and the motor is having difficulty with making the transition back to full. In this case, you should have the fan operating again at the same speed that it was previously before the contact happened. To do this, you will need to simply turn the fan on a couple of times at full speed and then change it to a lower speed. If the unit still needs more power than it has, you should lower the speed down and then increase it back up before you turn the fan off again. Once you have done this, you should be able to make the adjustment with ease and be able to enjoy the air quality that you are used to having.

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