How to Take Care of Your Furnace Before Taking it to a Repairer

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How to Take Care of Your Furnace Before Taking it to a Repairer

Properly draining your furnace before servicing is extremely important, and if the furnace drain is not functioning properly, it could cause the furnace to fail. The furnace drain tube should always be clean and clear of obstructions, debris, and leaves, as this will prevent any moisture from entering the tube. Any dirt and debris that get in the drain tube could cause rust or corrosion to develop on the tubes. If your flue is dirty and the drain is clogged, it can result in condensation inside your home.

The first thing to check when servicing a furnace is to make sure that the water pump is turned off, and all hoses are unclogged. It is also a good idea to turn off the condenser air handlers if applicable. If you have an old unit, you may be able to find a manual on how to change the service plugs and accessories on it. This will save you from having to call in a professional to do it for you. You will also need to check the thermostat. There should be no signs of buildup, cracks, leaks, or excessive wear. If there is excessive wear or damage to the thermostat, you may want to get in touch with a local heating technician.

The next step after the furnace is service is to clean out the evaporator coil. A coil is the piece of equipment that absorb all of the water vapor coming from the furnace, and you will need to replace this coil with a new one. Once the coil is replaced, all of the excess water should have been removed. Make sure that the new coil is mounted properly and installed in the proper location. Next, you will need to replace the HVAC system. If any of the lines are broken, call in a local technician to have them repaired.

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