How to Replace a Furnace in Minecraft – Finding a New Furnace Recipe

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How to Replace a Furnace in Minecraft – Finding a New Furnace Recipe

When I first started playing Minecraft I didn’t realize how much of a necessity as a furnace was until I had to replace my old one. Since the recipes were all guesswork at the time I just bought a regular furnace but was quite surprised when I noticed that it wouldn’t work with the new furnace recipes I was trying to get. So after several frustrating attempts I decided to go to an actual furnaces online and check out how I could replace the furnace right in the game.

The furnace I wanted to replace was in the Nether. It was a block which allowed you to walk on the top of and then to dig into the stone to generate obsidian in the bottom. Obsidian is the stone made by the furnace and it’s the most powerful block. You can get Nether bricks, a stone which is used for making stairs. There are also gold bars, which make up an item which is a lot like armor, but different in the fact that it provides you with more protection.

It took me about half an hour to find the right crafting station and then I had to choose the new furnace. With my old furnace I had to pay for it and then reload my world to have it work. There were a few online minesweeper that offered the furnace. I found a forum where people sell the furnaces so I had the chance to compare prices and find a deal that would fit my needs. For a small fee I had the furnace put into my world for free. I don’t know how long the download took because it was fast but it worked perfectly for what I needed. After that I was able to continue to generate all the materials I needed and eventually started to build all the ways I wanted my world to look like.

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