How to Drain a Clogged Drain Line – Fixing a Evaporator Coil

One of the hardest things to fix when it comes to an evaporator coil is a clogged drain line. I’m sure you have had situations where you have accidentally pushed a drain line and it clogged. This is when the issue is worst because if you just do not drain the area properly, then the clog can cause your whole system to stop. In this article I will show you how to drain a clogged drain line.

To get to the clog, you will need to remove any plugs that are holding the drain line in place. If the drain is not attached by a plug then you will have to drill a hole in the block and slide the drain line out. To drain a clogged drain line you will need to find a tool that has an inch opening, then use it to turn the pipe so that it is up. Then you need to unclog the drain. There are a few different ways to accomplish this but I recommend using a slow stream of water on the area so that the drain line can reach down into the drain and free itself from the block.

Before you make the final move, try opening a window so that you can see the clog in the drain line. If you can’t see anything in the drain line then it is best to open the drain completely. Then you can flush it down with a drain snake to help break up the clog and drain the water out of the drain line.

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